Texas Collateral Adjusters

The leading repossession team in the Dallas, Texas area.

Professional Asset Recovery

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We can work your assignments through RDN!
We can work your assignments with Clearplan!
We can work your assignments through iRepo!
We are Certified & Bonded through RISC
We are certified through RSIG!
We are Certified through CARS!
Lucky Auto Recovery - 24 Hour Towing, Roadside Assistance, Transport & Relocation in the Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania area.

Leading the way!

No Cutting Corners

Our team has been well known to provide professional services across many years.  When you need a vehicle moved for any reason, contact us to get the best service in this area.

  • Professional Insurances
  • Industry Certifications
  • Private, fully secured storage facitlity

What Our Clients Are Saying

“They simply care more than any other company I’ve worked with.”

-Amy Cartigan

(Subprime Lender), Joes Lending

“If your looking to grow your business, and find a company long term that can meet your needs of.”

-Leon Mcfee

(Collections Dept), Jacks Lending

“Skeptical at first, but now a loyal client for life. Look forward to 2016 with these guys!”

-Michelle Ortega

(Loss Prevention)

Texas Collateral Recovery

Asset recovery services in the Dallas, Texas area.

  • Involuntary Repossession
  • Voluntary Repossession
  • Impound Recoveries
  • Multiple Recovery Trucks
  • Multiple Camera Cars
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